About Us

Kevin Casey - KR Mustang

KR Mustang began in 1991 as a shop which specialized in the repair of classic Mustangs. The shop was started by Kevin Casey and a close friend, named Richard. Kevin purchased his first Mustang, a 1967 hardtop, for $200.00 at the age of 14 and began restoration in his parents’ driveway. Through high school, his love for cars and people with like interest grew.

With Richard’s help and lots of sweat and hard work, KR Mustang was opened in a small warehouse in Houston. After a year, Richard moved on to bigger and better things. Kevin continued with the business, refining his business and mechanical skills. With the help of his wife, Carla, the shop moved to Sugar Land 1998. With Carla’s help keeping up with the paperwork, the business stays busy fixing and refurbishing Mustangs. In 2010, Reid Thomas began his interest in the company and has brought more experience and knowledge with current fuel injection systems as well as his other creative talents. The best part of this business has been the people and the friendships it has created. This is a true blessing.